Yoga: Tucson, AZ

After an exciting rooftop Yoga Rave in 2013, the ABCF earned enough money to donate brand new yoga mats to Yoga for Youth.

Yoga for Youth, established by Nancy Guitierez and Lori Huggins, teaches kids all over Tucson the practice of yoga and meditation in order to empower, inspire, know and love themselves more deeply and be proud of who they are.  Reaching over 100 kids per week, students make connections between yoga and everyday life that encourages them to be confident and a positive influence in his/her community. 

Tap Dance: Minneapolis, MN

With proceeds from our second annual golf tournament, Folwell School, Performing Arts Magnet was able to invite guest artist Cathy Wind co-founder of Keane Sense of Rhythm, to teach students to tap.

Cathy provides a unique dance outreach experience in an urban setting, to hundreds of students.  In addition to curricular work, students also have the opportunity to participate in the morning tap ensemble and perform at local performance venues.  Cathy brings a wealth of energy, knowledge and excitement resulting in students walking away with a high quality tap dance experience that many others aren't able to access.

Zumba: Minneapolis, MN

Thanks to Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub's Beer4Life raffle and our annual Zumbathons, the ABCF was able to donate funds for an after-school Zumba instructor (Marija Nicholson) at Andersen United Community School.

The Zumba program is offered to students in kindergarten and 1st grade, twice per week as part of the Minneapolis Public Schools Community Education after-school program.  This program provides an outlet for students to creatively release some of their pent-up energy after being in school all day!

Mural:  Flagstaff, AZ

With proceeds from our recent Yoga Rave in Arizona, the ABCF was able to contribute to a special project for the STAR School, located near the Navajo Nation.  Baje Whitehorne, Sr., a world-renowned artist, was hired to teach the students how to sketch, prepare and paint a mural that represents the STAR School's unique history and mission.  

This charter elementary school, that serves students from pre-school through grade 8, opened in August of 2001 with 23 students and reached their maximum of 130 students by 2010. The STAR School’s vision is to create a joyful learning community in which members develop the character, skills and attitudes for understanding themselves, living in balance and serving all our relations.  The STAR School promotes self-reliance, alternative building methods, and energy sources such as solar and wind power. The school also hosts workshops about sustainable living, food sovereignty, celebration of Navajo traditions and other cultures, technology, and the arts.



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